How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress

Example of the Publish Immediate, future or schedule post feature of WordPress.To schedule a post or Page to publish at a time before or after this moment, you may use the Schedule feature in WordPress.

  1. Edit or Add New post or Page.
  2. In the Publish panel of the screen, go to Publish immediately.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Set the Month, Day, Year, and Time.
  5. Click OK.

WordPress Schedule future post feature allows you to set the date and time the post or Page will publish.If the post or Page is a draft, the Publish button will change to read Schedule.

If the post or Page was published, it will say Update.

Click this when you are ready to update or publish the post or Page.

Why Use the Schedule Feature?

The Schedule feature, also known as future posts or timestamp, sets the exact moment a post will publish.

Many bloggers work once a week or less, writing their posts to be released over time, keeping their site updated while they are working on something else.

If you are writing an article series, you may want to control how and when they are published to keep continuity or a regular schedule.

Writing about a specific holiday or offering a holiday welcome? You can schedule your post to publish in anticipation of the event and not miss a beat.

If you have set up a regular day of the week or month post, such as Wordless Wednesday or Monday Mayhem, you can set these to publish at the promised time so they will be there when your readers are, ready and waiting for their next dose.

Occasionally you may wish to back date your post. You might wish to fill in a gap, add to a series, or maybe the dates are right on your posts after an import or migration. You may set your publish date to any date you wish, in the past or in the future.

Many sites with multiple contributors have an editor or administrator that controls when posts are published, using the Schedule feature to time the various authors post so they won’t all release at the same time.

Many bloggers use editorial calendars to schedule their posts by season, holiday, event, meetings, article series, themed days, theme weeks or months…for many different reasons.

The Schedule feature makes your site work for you instead of you working for it. It frees up your schedule while it keeps churning out the content.

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