Family History Blogging Resources and Tips

Knapp family of Taylor Rapids, Wisconsin, Ed, Lloyd, Melvin, Emma, Glenn, Nora, circa 1924 - Lorelle VanFossen archives.The following information are resources, tips, techniques, and instructions for starting and developing a Family History blog. These resources are for Lorelle’s family history blogging workshops, classes, and presentations. The focus of these resources are on blogging your family history, not about genealogy research, though it is often hard to separate the two.

This resource list will help you learn more about using , the self-hosted version of WordPress, and , the hosted verion of WordPress, as well as how to publish multimedia, gedcom files, and share the stories and tales of your family’s history. It also includes information on privacy and other legal policies as relates to family history research and blogging.

Family History Blogging Articles by Lorelle VanFossen

The following links are to articles I’ve written on family history blogging, including an ongoing series on genealogy blogging.

Resources on Blogging Your Family History

The following are articles and tutorials on how to blogging your family history.

Legal Issues for Family History Bloggers and Publishing on the Web

There are many legal issues that arise for family history bloggers including proper citation, copyright, and privacy. The following are articles and references on some of the legal issues that need to be considered when blogging your family’s history.

Writing Your Family History

Tips for WordPress

The following are tips, techniques, and resources associated with and .

WordPress Help

The following are resources for basic WordPress help and advice.

Learning WordPress

The following are basic tips and tutorials for learning about WordPress.

Publishing with WordPress

Genealogy Blogs

The following list includes family history and genealogy blogs, and directories and resources for them, which may serve as examples of how others are blogging and sharing their family history online.

4 thoughts on “Family History Blogging Resources and Tips

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    • How wonderful! It is so important to take advantage of every moment you can in the moment. Good for you.

      Thank you. I’ll be teaching a family history blogging course soon. I’ve been doing small workshops, and now it’s time for the big time! LOL! I’ve been doing genealogy research on my family since I was 12 years old. Seriously. It wasn’t until 2005 that I was able to get the right pieces of the puzzle to start connecting the dots and blogging about the family online. I sure wish I had more time to dedicate to it, but mortgage comes first. Teaching these workshops and classes on family history blogging means I have to step up to the plate, and it gives me an excuse to work on it more!

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