Snow or Not, I’ll Be There!

vanfossen driveway forest in first snow of 2012 lorelle vanfossen

4 thoughts on “Snow or Not, I’ll Be There!

  1. Hi, Lorelle…

    There’s probably not going to be a problem with the weather tonight, however, I’m concerned enough to give it a pass tonight.
    Alicia Vaughn
    CTEC 280

  2. Hi Lorelle!
    Thanks for your prompt post and the beautiful photos this am. After agonizing all afternoon… to go or not to go… I logged off. Was not expecting such speed from you. Anyway, how was your drive home? My issue is not so much how clear are the roads, but how high are the odds of hurting my car… See you soon!

  3. all went well. The road stayed clear. the class notes are on the blog. we all made it home safely. But it was good to be worried. So get on with the work and we will see you on thursday. Thank you.

    From Lorelle’s Mobile phone as there is no electricity at home. 😀

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